I currently research parents’ intra-household time allocation decisions, focusing on parental quality time, and the implications for early childhood development. I also research the effect of academic redshirting on student and mental health outcomes, as well as labor market risks and the impact of school reopenings on parental work in the era of COVID-19.

Refereed Publication:

“Do Health Insurers Innovate? Evidence from the Anatomy of Physician Payments,” with Jeffrey Clemens (UCSD) and Joshua Gottlieb (U Chicago), Journal of Health Economics (55) 2017, 153-167

Working Papers:

“How Do Mothers Manage? Universal Daycare, Child Skill Formation, and the Parental Time-Education Puzzle,” under review, 2020 August

“The Impact of Academic Redshirting on Student Outcomes and Mental Health: Evidence from Hungary,” under review, 2020 August

“Primary School Reopenings and Parental Work, with Pierre-Loup Beauregard (UBC), Marie Connolly (UQaM), and Catherine Haeck (UQaM), Revise & Resubmit at the Canadian Journal of Economics

The Distribution of COVID-19 Related Risks,” with Patrick Baylis (UBC), Pierre-Loup Beauregard (UBC), Marie Connolly (UQaM), Nicole M. Fortin (UBC), David A. Green (UBC), Pablo Gutierrez-Cubillos (UBC), Samuel Gyetvay (UBC), Catherine Haeck (UQaM), Gaelle Simard-Duplain (CIDER, UBC), Henry E. Siu (UBC), Maria teNyenhuis (Bank of Canada), and Casey Warman (Dalhousie U), Revise & Resubmit at the Canadian Journal of Economics, NBER WP 27881

Work in Progress:

“Income and Substitution Effects of Daycare Price Changes on Parental Time-Use: Evidence From Thuringia,” 2020 June